We are in our 5th Anversity now!

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Script for some video ideas

The Doctor meets me/ Time Travel 2| not edited

1. Doctor( looks like Salty): "oh no, JDJG_Inc messed with time, I got to fix this"

2. Time Police( looks like Ninvax): " JDJG_Inc You're under arrest"

Death(real player): "Come into the tardis"

JDJG_Inc(me present): " Why,  oh daleks are coming"

*lighting( does it 6 times)

*Tardis demartizles"

Time Travel scence shows

The Doctor: "The tardis is going to crash if not careful"

JDJG_Inc: "I don't care ...... Oh I know now."

Tardis System: " we are crashing"

JDJG_Inc: " NO!"

Part 3 Coming soon/ Putting two videos together

Scence starts with tardis on fire in the interior

when The tardis spins out of control

Doctor:" hang hang"

JDJG_Inc + death, " to what?"

Doctor: " to the tardis control panel"

Tardis: " Out of time vortex"

Tardis: " 10 seconds until we are pancakes"

All: " AH AH, What?"

JDJG_Inc:  " Doctor, Save us"

Tardis: " Time Travel disabled or not"

All: " AH!"

Tardis: " landed as safelty as we can"

All: " whew"

Part 3 ends

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