We are in our 5th Anversity now!

Is it safe?:

Is it safe?

yes it is(not sure check above):

virustotal is safe with https://

We never wants malware or people ruining our computers. we want you to be safe too.

Forge edition: 1.11.2

JD mods( direct download):

JAMod.jar JAMod.jar
Size : 35.049 Kb
Type : jar

Our mods safe: yes!

Proof: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/163f948543e20bd869dd283e9da71809cefe0ec9c9052662ea64e851960211b5/detection

virus total is safe too! Why we use this? To make sure you are safe at all times. We hate hackers and malware too.
Forge version: 1.11.2!

Hey guys want to download some of my music at the button below


JDJG Inc. music 7.mp3

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JDJG Inc. music is here to help you for free, Yah! Yes

Link to download music:

Script for some video ideas

The Doctor meets me/ Time Travel 2| not edited

1. Doctor( looks like Salty): "oh no, JDJG_Inc messed with time, I got to fix this"

2. Time Police( looks like Ninvax): " JDJG_Inc You're under arrest"

Death(real player): "Come into the tardis"

JDJG_Inc(me present): " Why,  oh daleks are coming"

*lighting( does it 6 times)

*Tardis demartizles"

Time Travel scence shows

The Doctor: "The tardis is going to crash if not careful"

JDJG_Inc: "I don't care ...... Oh I know now."

Tardis System: " we are crashing"

JDJG_Inc: " NO!"

Part 3 Coming soon/ Putting two videos together

Scence starts with tardis on fire in the interior

when The tardis spins out of control

Doctor:" hang hang"

JDJG_Inc + death, " to what?"

Doctor: " to the tardis control panel"

Tardis: " Out of time vortex"

Tardis: " 10 seconds until we are pancakes"

All: " AH AH, What?"

JDJG_Inc:  " Doctor, Save us"

Tardis: " Time Travel disabled or not"

All: " AH!"

Tardis: " landed as safelty as we can"

All: " whew"

Part 3 ends

StorageDeal.txt StorageDeal.txt
Size : 1.243 Kb
Type : txt

Welcome To JDJG Inc.'s Offical Jonathan Aventures!

The JDJG Inc. Server is not gonna get made unless if You have your help.

Update We are really need to make a cool video on a server. If  you want your ip in the video You have to give me a Youtube Rank.

Do you want to Join the JDJG Inc. Team?

If you do then click on this link:

http://www.chatzy.com/25500314479343(Chat room deleted by owner of the site, sorry)

Admin ranks are not used unless if you join the skype chat and ask there if I can be an admin. And You will get the speacil code.\

Check out this cool music and videos:

Download Ad blocker  for YouTube!

I like calling myself Yahoo ghost as well as JDJG Inc. or JDJG Inc. official! I don't own danny phantom.

Watch Something Funny, Santa Joke:

Go here

Santa.gif(Look above):

This is my Logo for JDJG Inc. Official-My YouTube!We are at our 5th Anversity.

I made a new series called Prank School which is awesome. Please watch also donate to my server please and help me get more money and be able to get some unlimited stuff!

Made a new dmu server faction- why I made it:

Because U.N.I.T on the dmu server got taken over by subdivide and only admins/mods are allowed in it. So I made my own faction to help make the dmu server.


0. Follow all dmu rules- expect on my server- then basically any normal server rules.

1. Admins/Mods are not allowed to join- because the admins are more powerful then I am.

2. Admins/Mods are allowed to be second in command though

3. To Join you must pass the JDJG Faction Test or JFT.

4. The Test will not break any rules.

5. admins/mods please don't take over my faction.

Faction Name: JDJG Inc. Offical Faction.

I hope you guys understand- group chat- my discord link above this text.

The Test( google forms because I like it)


Update if you pass then you will get emailed everything you need to join my faction:

1. Email to you if you passed or not(only 4 tries- I like the number 4)

2. Everything to become part of the group( armor if you need it- if you running low or not having any. An id- book and quill and a enchanted weapon.)

3. This Faction extends to my server too for access.


If you don't get an email I am probaly not checking my google forms so just email me and I will check.

just email me at:

mailto:ghostzap123@gmail.com - link down below. Called: Email !